Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Emoetry - Hush

Hush…that's what she said as she placed her index finger on my lips,
As soon as her finger lifted…we found ourselves locked in a passionate kiss,
My hands moved lower down her body and held her tight around her hips,
It was at that moment…I knew I had found my very own version of bliss,

Hush…that's what she said as we stood atop the car park staring at the stars,
I stood silent…eyes transfixed on the silhouette that is her body in the dark,
I catch a glimpse of her beautiful face from the moonlight and lights of passing cars,
It was at that moment…I knew that this was definitely more than a spark,

Hush…that's what she said as we laid on my bed in each others embrace,
The silence broken by the melody of pouring rain hitting hard on the roof tiles,
I held her close…matched her breathing and felt my heart race,
It was at that moment…I knew I wanted this to last for more than "just awhile",

Hush…that was the last thing she said to me as she walked away,
Back to the arms of another who deserved her more than I ever will,
I flashed her a smile…the one that shows her that I am and will be okay,
It was at that moment…I knew what was coming was more than a bitter pill,

Hush…that was what I said to myself to keep my heart from breaking,
Even though the tears had already started forming and falling from my eyes,
I knew this was never going to end up where I wanted it…I should've seen it coming,
It was at this moment…I knew this is what happens when you fall in love with lies.